Application form and contact

  • Please send a properly complete application form to the SSSL at the address below. 
  • The organization team of the SSSL will confirm you enrolment and send you the enrolment letter and provide you with further information. 
  • If there are any special requests please let the SSSL organizers know before June 30, 2017.
  • Contact us at this address and phone number:
PhDr. Petr Pořízka, Ph.D. – director
Mgr. Lenka Horutová – secretary
Křížkovského 10
771 80 Olomouc
Czech Republic
Mobil: +420 776 267 676
Tel.: +420 585 633 156
Fax: +420 585 633 000


Application form

The summer school is primarily intended for adult participants over 18 years old. In case of interest of under-age individuals, you are required to fill out a form – on request by e-mail (doc, pdf).

lsss-ff-up_application-2017.pdf1.21 MB